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The Gospel Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

This Web Page is dedicated to those people who really believe in the life hereafter, yet who are not 100% sure about where the eternal destiny of their souls would be and often ask, what must I do to be saved? Well, if you are not a Christian, not born again, Jesus would say; ".... you must born again" (John 3:7).

Therefore, if you are not a Christian, not born again Christian, you couldn't have picked a better time to take a fresh look at yourself and at the definite and wonderful plan of God that He devised for you and for all human being by reading the simple truth I have herein compiled. If you humble yourself and try to read this very simple but dynamic truth, I assure you, you will soon discover that the God of infinite wisdom and power created you to love you and to have a personal relationship with Him. Yes, you will soon be fully aware that God really loves you even when you were a sinner, and that you were created with value and worth that He wants your life to count.

I have prepared this site in three languages, namely Tigregna, Amharic and English. Tigregna and Amharic are two official languages of two East African nations, Eritrea and Ethiopia, respectively. I have designed a graphic and text links to each language where you could click on to surf to the language of your choice. The three links are depicted by the flag of the three nations.

This site is not affiliated whatsoever to any organization, church, individual or entity of any sort. This site is designed and managed by myself solely for the purpose of witnessing and spreading the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ for no payment of any sort. After all the Bible commands us to freely give what we freely acquired, Matthew 10:8. Furthermore, it is a duty and obligation of each and every Christian to serve the Lord in as much as we can and able by the grace of the Lord in spreading the Gospel of Christ to others.(1 Peter 4:10). Furthermore, besides it is my duty to God and to all human being to freely share the Good News, I am merely fulfilling my Christian commitment to prepare and manage this site without any pay-back of any sort.

Thank you and God, the father of Our Lord Jesus Christ bless you.

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Last updated: 30 September-2016
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